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Special Stains - Perl Prussian Blue

  • Iron straining background
  • Perl Prussian blue Technique

In the perl prussian Blue special stain, the ferric iron is released from the haemosiderin by the action of the dilute Hydrochloric acid, this then reacts with the dilute Potassium ferrocyanide to produce an insoluble blue compound ferric ferrocyanide (Prussian blue).  This reaction is useful for identifying conditions that lead to iron excess eg haemochromatosis.



1.     Take sections to water

2.     Filter on fresh 2% Potassium Ferrocyanide / HCl working solution and leave for 15 minutes

3.     Wash in water

4.     Counterstain in 0.2% Nuclear Fast Red for 5 minutes or use safranin for around 10 seconds

5.     Wash in water

6.     Dehydrate, clear and mount






Photo - x10 Perl Prussian Blue